Ashmore white suffolks


At Ashmore we are using the latest technology available to ensure our genetics are at the forefront of the industry.

DNA testing of Rams

A number of Ashmore sires have been evaluated in the Sheep CRC Information Nucleus Flock (INF). This program has evaluated a large number of industry sires using DNA technology to identify how sires perform for eating quality and meat yield traits. This technology promises to deliver faster, more accurate selection decisons on a huge range of traits including those which are either too expensive or difficult to measure. An exciting time to be involved in sheep breeding that is for certain.

Embryo Transfer

We conduct an embryo transfer program periodically to rapidly multiply the elite ewes we have bred. We have had some great success with the progeny produced out of our ET programs.

Artificial Insemination

Every year we conduct an artificial insemination program with semen from the best sires in the industry. This provides us with access to other top genetics without compromising our disease status as well as providing valuable genetic links to other flocks.