Charles Mullen purchased land in the Wasleys area in the 1860's after moving here from Ireland. He cleared the land to plant wheat and found the tree stumps rather frustrating so he pioneered the Stump Jump plough, hence the term "Mullenising" was born which means planting crops around tree stumps. A monument to his invention stands just outside of Wasleys today.

Charles Mullen's daughter Florence, married John Harold Fischer in 1904 and purchased "Angle Farm" in 1919. Initially the property had an Ayreshire Dairy cattle stud, sheep and a transport business taking produce to Adelaide once a week on a horse drawn wagon, as well as growing wheat, barley and hay. In 1924 they won Grand Champion Ayreshire Bull and Cow at the Royal Adelaide Show. 

Their son, Reginald Fischer bought neighbouring "Ashmore" and joined the two properties together. He and later his son Brian ran merino sheep, cropping and hay for many years. Brian started on the farm at the age of 14 and has been working the property ever since - over sixty years now and still going strong. This is largely due to his secret weapon, Rhonda, his wife of over 50 years.

The fourth generation Fischer, Troy, as an 11 year old convinced his father Brian to purchase a stud ram and some ewes from Allendale White Suffolk Stud in 1988. An entire suffolk stud was purchased in 1990 and further ewes were purchased to bolster the numbers, mating these to white suffolk rams. The first on property sale was held at Ashmore in 1993.

Brian continued to improve the White Suffolk offering whilst Troy left to obtain his PhD in Sheep Genetics at the University of New England. Upon return from the eastern states in 2008 Troy, along with his then new wife Nette, joined Brian to continue operating the stud, taking the genetics to a new level every year.

The fifth generation, Isabelle, Indigo and Elke Fischer have now joined the property and although still young, are a key part in plenty of activities on the farm such as tailing, shifting mobs of sheep and providing Dad, Mum and their Grandparents plenty of advice!