Animal Health

At Ashmore we have a rigorous quality assurance program for animal health with comprehensive record keeping and routine testing of our sheep. As a result, we have:

  • Ovine Brucellosis accreditated free status
  • MN3 status in the Ovine Johnes Disease (OJD) Market Assurance Program
  • Guaranteed footrot and lice free

A routine Tasvax 8 in 1 vaccination program is administered. Our sheep are tested for worm egg count routinely and an oral drenched is administered when egg counts indicate drenching is required.

Animal Welfare

At Ashmore we believe very strongly about the welfare of our animals. We ensure all animals are healthy and provided with appropriate nutrition and veterinary health at all times, even if this means extra time and cost.
Our policies are:
• Select for worm resistance
• Select for bare breech
• If a ewe has a health issue e.g.mastitis, we provide treatment so she can take care of her lamb, but remove her and her progeny from the breeding flock
• Provide mineral lick supplements and access to hay feeders year round
• Do not use rams with high birthweight

So as to provide our clients with easy care sheep, we ensure our client's flocks are not provided undesirable traits so they can enjoy fast growing, early maturing healthy sheep and their ewes have as few problems as possible with lambing.